In our last appeared an excellent paper on Roses, by Mr. Laxton, sent to us and revised especially for our pages by the author. At the same time he informed us that the bulk of the article had already appeared in our excellent contemporary the London Journal of Horticulture, and we wrote a postscript to Mr. Laxton's paper, stating this fact. It mortified us exceedingly to find our note not with the article on its publication. Whether we neglected to send what we wrote to the printer, or the note was lost in the composing room, we cannot now say, but we tender our apology to the Journal of Horticulture for the seeming neglect of its prior claim substantially to the article.

In our long editorial career, we have always endeavored to do full justice to all our contemporaries in the matter of credits, and we do not even now know that the Journal feels aggrieved at this - our first slip. In our anxiety to do full justice to all, we have often refused to publish excellent articles sent to us, when we happened to know that copies had been sent to other papers, and chiefly because, in case other papers published them first, we might be suspected of having " copied without credit".