Mrs. S. E. P., says: "Enclosed please find two plants to be named, one of them I found in a collection of ferns, unnamed, and it resembles a minature " Arbor vitro." The other is a greenhouse shrub. The flowers are pea-shaped, canaiw-yellow, and are produced upon the ends of stiff twig shorts. The original plant was purchased at the Centennial Exhibition as a rare thing. Lastly, how can I flower a "Mandevilla." I have a plant grown from seed, three years old. It has a tremendous growth every season, but has never blossomed. Please inform me through the columns of the Gardener's Monthly, and oblige.

[The plant well characterized as a " miniature arbor vitae" is Selaginella Willdenovii. The other is the pretty Genista Canadensis, an old but not common greenhouse plant. It is very pretty and easily grown. - Ed. G. M].