The Gardener's Record says: - " When the Empress Eugenie started on her pilgrimage to the scene of her son's death she took with her slips from a willow growing in Dean Stanley's garden, to plant at the foot of the young Prince's monument in Zululand. The tree in the Deanery garden has grown from a slip taken from the willow over the tomb in which Napoleon I. was interred at St. Helena. The strange tradition is related about this tree, that its condition is affected by the fortunes of the Bonapartrs. It is remarkable that on the day of Sedan a large bough fell off, and on the day of the Prince Imperial's death in Africa another bough fell." The Record does not tell whether branches have ever fallen at other times.

Mr. Henry Shaw, the well-known munificent founder of the Missouri Botanical Gardens at St. Louis, celebrated his 80th birth-day on the 24th of July.