New Peas

It is remarkable that amongst the myriads of varieties of peas, new or old, Daniel O'Rourke is still the most popular. Thousands of bushels are raised by single firms alone for seed.

Degeneration Of Potatoes

These "die out" occasionally, and new varieties have to be raised to take their places. They die from enervation, and not because varieties "naturally" wear out. Plants are often injured by insects or -disease, and mature before the tubers are "ripe." Such " seed" produces inferior plants. Where-ever the potato plant lives to flower freely, and not die away before its time, its tubers will produce plants again showing no signs of wearing out.

Prohibiting The Importation Of Living Plants

For fear of introducing the Phylloxera, the government of the Cape of Good Hope, have absurdly prohibited the importation of living plants and bulbs of all kinds. This is on a par with much of our own legislation on horticultural and agricultural matters, and it is perhaps a comfort to know that stupidity is a world-wide complaint.

The Alexander Peach

A writer in Shir-ley Hibberd's Gardener"s Magazine, says this has beaten Early Beatrice, Early Louise, and the other famous early Peaches in England; and " is without question one of the most valuable fruits received from the other side of the Atlantic".

Natural History And Science. Communications. Catalpa Speciosa

When examining the specimens sent us originally by Dr. Warder as Catalpa bignonioides speciosa, we suggested from the peculiar pectinate coma to the seed, that it would propably take rank as a species. By the following from the Botanical Gazette, a cheap but worthy publication, by the way, to which every working botanist should subscribe, - it will be seen that Dr. Engelmann definitely establishes it as such:

Darlingtonia Californica

The Editor of " The Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States," would be much obliged if any one who may have the chance to get a plant of this in flower, will send word to this office, in order that a drawing partially made (from an over-blown specimen) may be completed. It could be finished from other people's drawings, but for this work sketches are made solely from nature.

Pinus Balfouriana

We learn from the California Horticulturist that Mr. Lemmon has re-discovered the spot on Mount Shasta from whence Jeffrey obtained the original specimens from which Murray described this species.

The American Philosophical Society

This venerable institution, founded by Benjamin Franklin, celebrated its 100th anniversary on the 15th of March.