First-class white grapes are not numerous and there is room for more. Col. Wilder sends us a sample of a needling of which he gives the fol-lowing account: - "I send by mail a few grapes from a second cross of Rogers. First, a native crossed with the White Chasselas, which produced Massasoit or Rogers No 3, then Massa-6oit by Queen of Nice which gave the berries now forwarded. These sent are mere tags from a bunch exhibited ten days since. The first fruit gathered was on August 31st. The bunches are long, frequently shouldered like the Queen of Nice, and their quality quite as good as the latter. This vine has grown in an unfavorable location and has been neglected until this year. I think it is as healthy as my other vines, but not strong as the first crossing of Rogers, and I cannot remember that it has been subject to mildew. Like all my vines it has been covered in winter "

The fruit had slightly fermented before reaching us, but there was enough merit left to show that Col. Wilder's judgment of its value is not too high. The Editor had the pleasure of a brief run through Col. Wilder's grounds recently of which we hope to tell some time soon. Absence from home more or less this summer has caused some matters to accumulate in our hands which we hope to straighten out shortly.