Nurseries In Canada

A Brookville (Out.) correspondent writes that there is not a nursery in all Eastern Canada.

The Plough Versus The Spade

We have a note from Mr. Henderson in regard to the "English Gardener's" complaint, too late for this, but which shall appear in our next.

Kew Herbarium

A young English gardener, Robert Allen Rolfe, in an open competitive examination, has obtained the position of second assistant curator in the Kew Herbarium. It is said that many of those in competition had many more early advantages than the young gardener.

Professor Asa Gray

This distinguished botanist sailed on the 4th of September, in the British steamer Marathon, from Boston for England. Dr. Gray will spend a year among the botanical riches of Kew, preparatory to the finishing of some work on which he has long been engaged.

A French Collection Of Roses

At one of the expositions in France last June, Mr. Joseph Swartz exhibited 400 varieties. Among some seedlings which he exhibited, and which were pronounced by the jury decided acquisitions, was Madame Joseph Swartz, a Tea Rose, rosy white passing to a whitish salmon, raised from Comtesse de Labarthe. Also a hybrid perpetual Guilliaume Guillemot.

Yucca Gloriosa

Generally this species throws up its flower stems so late, that the frost catches them before they open. In gardens about Philadelphia, this season, they opened in the middle of September, and made the gardens very gay by their large panicles of pearly white flowers.

New Verbenas

There seems to have been almost reached a limit to the production of any remarkable novelties in Verbenas; but in England a variety is said to have been raised which is said to have two of the petals purple and three white, looking in fact much like a cluster of miniature Pansies. Mr Cannell is said to have it.

Tree Combinations

Beautiful effects may be had by combining trees of distinct peculiarities. The Gardener's Chronicle refers to a pleasant effect produced at the end of an island in a lake by a Weeping Willow and the Lombardy Poplar. The last is in the centre of a mass of willows which are kept low around the poplars.


The two articles by Mr. H. B. Ell wanger and Mr. Laxton make this, in a great measure, a "Rose" number. There is an increase in the taste for rose culture, and the " Rose number," we are sure, will be generally welcome.

Autumn Berries

Autumn tints are famous but autumn berries no less deserve admiration. On the lawn there can be fewer prettier ornaments than some of our pretty berried shrubs. Vick gives a colored plate of the following in his July monthly. He has in this plate several Hawthorns, Ampelopsis,White Snowberry, Actaa-as, Berberry and Euonymus. Besides this one might add the nice violet berried Callicarpa purpurea. It is superb at this season.