What a mystery. ' No evidence that any live creature has been produced from anything that had not life before.' So from the beginning, so to the end.

And so another old friend has gone, Robert Buist, a man, who for his long life of devotion to the culture of plants, will be remembered as a benefactor of mankind. I have known him for almost fifty years, and during this long period of time he has kept up with the enterprise and improvements of the age. Few men have exercised such an influence on the floriculture of our country as Mr. R. Buist. But has not only raised and distributed plants throughout our land, but better still, he has educated and raised men of his profession who have been ornaments of society and leaders in the horticulture of our own land. I shall take special notice of him and his services in my next address to the American Pomological Society, of which he was one of the founders, and has been a vice-president for twenty years. All honor to his memory.