Entering on the twenty-second year of our labors with the Gardener's Monthly, we cannot forbear our thanks to our numerous contributors, by whose generous aid, we have been able to make American Horticulture respected by means of our pages, all over the world. The editor often thinks if he were at the head of some serial where the publishers charged four or five dollars a year, instead of two, and could then divert some of it to a fund for the employment of those busy pens which cannot afford time to send notes of their experience under any other plan, he might perhaps be surrounded by "a galaxy of able names" that would give much brilliancy to his work. But when he thinks of the great number whom a two-dollar magazine reaches, that could not afford a more expensive one, he feels satisfied to go on in the bumble field of usefulness, as he has done, and leave the more brilliant situation to others. After all, the numerous brief notes from actual workers and thinkers are no less useful than the studied and labored efforts of distinguished pens.

The immense numbers of these received by the Editor, have in a great measure made the magazine what it is, - and in the hope that they will be continued as heretofore, he enters cheerfully on the second twenty years of his labors.

Typographical and Grammatical Slips. Some of the correspondents of the Gardener's Monthly keep a sharp look out for the little slips which in hurried periodical writing, are almost unavoidable. But we often wonder why the same acuteness is not displayed towards other journals. The errors in other quarters, especially in European papers are marvellous, - but it is extremely rare that any corrections are offered. We are always glad to correct, and are thankful for the corrections; but think our friends might do a little of it elsewhere. For instance, some one might ask a respected contemporary which has recently given a portrait and biography of Colonel Wilder, and reports that the good Colonel has " re-married twice," whether it means that he has had three wives?