I notice that the discussion on Peter Henderson Carnation is still occupying a place in your columns.

I suppose the position I took in regard to this Carnation in my April price list is the cause of the discussion, an I as I seem to be in the minority, I must ask a little of your space to defend myself.

In unswer to the article I published in April last, there appeared to the public a special circular defending the Carnation, and accusing me of personalities, etc. In answer to this special circular, in my May list, I published the enclosed article, which, as you will notice gives the opinion of most of the principal cut-flower dealers in Chicago with their names, and that they all agree with me in what I claim - that is, that the bloom of this Carnation will not keep.

I could give you the names of other cut flower dealers, and also of many greenhouse men, who say the same thing; and it seems very strange to me that while every one I see, who has had an opportunity of judging of its merits, agrees with me, all the articles in your paper take the opposite side.