In visiting the various plant establishments in this country one feels disappointed in seeing nothing but Carnation Pinks, Bouvardias, Cal-las, Abutilons, etc. EThese seem to be only productions of the greenhouse, and during the summer months, when these structures should be the gayest they too often represent a bare and deserted appearance in consequence. I would therefore suggest that those plants might be replaced with Gesneras, Gloxinias, Plecto-pomas, Achimenes, Sinningia Youngii, Codono-phora grandiflora, Pentaraphia longiflora, the finer varieties of Coleus, Kalosanthus coccinea, Begonias, Streptocarpus Rexii, Erythrina cris-ta-galli, Caladiums, Fuchsias, etc. Plectopomas form not only a new group of hybrids, but a novel genus of Gesneracese: they are summer-flowering, with large-tubed, funnel-shaped blossoms. Begonias, from their profuse flowering quality and the charming variety of color in their blossoms are extremely showy and effec-ive; and the value of Gesneras, as decorative plants, can scarcely be over estimated. Most of them have rich velvet-like foliage, which in the respective kinds varies from green to crimson. If only grown for the foliage they are very attractive, but during the winter they produce splendid pyramidal spikes of blossom which are extremely handsome.

Originally, however, the principal color was orange scarlet; now, as the result of fertilization, there are various colors and shades, added to which, the spotting on the flowers of some of the varieties is extremely pretty.