By Robt. J. Halliday. Published by the author. General hints on flower culture tell a great deal to the flower culturist, and there are many good works of this character. But there is much need of special treatises on certain classes of plants, and the camellia, though so old and so well known, has much that is modern in its treatment, and which will profit all lovers of camellias to know. Baltimore is a good field to work in, for of old it was a hot-bed of camellia growers, and new camellias from Baltimore raisers were among the regularly expected things. If there be anything to be known about this famous plant not known about Baltimore, it will be a marvellous thing. At any rate, this little book of Mr. Halliday's seems to have not forgotten anything, and it will doubtless have a good sale. The simple manner in which all the directions are given is a good point in its favor.