We have often pointed out to our readers, that one advantage of owning a collection of Orchids, is that they increase in value with age, while many other plants become too large and unwieldy. Hence if the Orchid grower ever comes to grief he has some chance of finding some pecuniary salve in selling his plants. We briefly noted in our last that Mr. Tweddle's plants were sold, but had not at that time any particulars. Since then we find that the following are some of them: For Angrse-cum sesquipedale, $135; A. surperbum, $65; A. carneum, $75; Ærides odoratum, $27; M. Fieldingii, $25; Cattleya Mossiae, $28: Cattleya gigas, $32; C. labiata, $175; C. Warscewiczii, $65; C. speciosissima, $42; Coelogyne cristata, $75; Dendrobium Wardianum, $43; D. densi-florum, $30; Lselia elegans, $50; Lycaste Skin-nerii superba,$90; Odontoglossum vexillarium, $100; Oncidium Marshallii, $33; Phalaenopsis Luddemanniana, $65; Saccolabium guttatum Holfordianum, $200; Vanda tricolor Corningii, $225; Vanda suavis (Veitch's variety), $250." The prices are really low for good specimens; but we see these nineteen plants above brought in $1,623.