An amusing example of the need of accuracy in naming plants occurred the other day, when a gentleman new to his collection of greenhouse treasures discoursed too much on his elegant collection of "Camillas;" a bookish listener asked if he had many Evelinas. To this the new man replied "he believed he had many fine specimens." These titles designate the two clever novels that were the delight of our grandmothers, and perhaps to some of us, our great-grandmothers, and they are still read and readable.

The Petroleum business has grown from $27,839 in 1839 to 485,785,706 gallons in 1879-80, valued at $37,109.58. In 1866,the value was 48 cents a gallon, and in 1877, 20 cents, and in 1879-80 a little over 8 cents. It is curious that this treas ure was so long unknown.

Northwestern Cedar and Tamarack wood cutting is now a great industry in Michigan.