E. P. Roe, writes: "I would be glad to learn the origin of the Queen of the Market Raspberry. I have a row of it that I know to be genuine in my test and specimen bed. Side by side with it I have Cuthbert plants obtained from Thos. Cuthbert's garden, its original home. After a Summer and Fall's experience I can see no difference between these two varieties either in foilage, the appearance of the cones, or in the fruit. I cannot help thinking that they are identical, but would be glad to be better informed by any of your correspondents. On the other side of my Cuthbert row I also have the Conover Raspberry. The plants of the latter were very poor and they have made but a feeble growth, still they closely resemble the Cuthbert. It is my plan to test the small fruits side by side and let them argue their own cases with no other help save that obtained from nature.