Red Cedar

Some one sends wrapped in a Denver paper, some branches of Juniperus Virginia. This, the Eastern Red Cedar, meets the Western Red Cedar, Juniperus occidentals in the Rocky Mountains. They both grow together there.

The Wall-Flower

We saw in a greenhouse recently an old fashioned wall-flower, and its grateful fragrance carried us to the long ago before ribbon beds, and masses of glare and glory came to us, all that we cared to ask from Flora. Queen Victoria, we were recently told has them grown by the hundreds especially for cutting for the delightful fragrance they give a dwelling room, - and Queen Victoria always had the reputation of being a sensible woman.

Rose Laurel

This is the name under which the oleander goes in France. A great number of varieties are cultivated there.

Tradescantia Multicolor

The common Tradescantia zebrina is well known, and highly appreciated. It is one of the best basket plants we have. A new variety, far more beautiful, under the above name, has appeared in Belgium gardens, and has recently been the subject of a colored plate in Reveu de l'Horticulture Beige.

Tornelia Fragrans

Philadelphians are familiar with a singular Aroid with excellent eating fruit, and leaves all "riddled with holes," as Philodendron pertuosum. When reading English gardening works they will recognize it as Monstera deliciosa.The California Horticul' turist now comes to hand with an illustration as Tornelia fragrans.

Designs Of Cut Flowers

These are often made now so that at the end of a party the main pieces can be broken up and distributed among the guests. This calls for the whole design to be made up of small bouquets, or still better, little baskets of flowers. We notice that some horticultural societies offer premiums for designs especially to be made in this way.

Ornamental Grasses

These are now very numerous, but one of the easiest raised from seed, and a very pretty one, even when the hosts of new candidates come before us, is the old Quaking-grass, Briza maxima and Briza minor.

Floral Horse-Shoes

There is hardly any telling where floral " taste" will bring up. Just now it is the thing to have horse-shoe designs everywhere. Cloven hoofs will be perhaps the next thing.

Alyssum As A Basket Plant

For baskets in rather open sunny places, Mr. Vick finds the Sweet Alyssum an excellent thing. Our readers probably know that there is now a double variety under culture. It is much superior to the old kind. It has to be raised from cuttings, as it rarely if ever seeds.