It has been stated that, in order to obtain double flowers, it is advisable to make use of the pollen from double flowers, where it is possible to obtain it, and to apply it to the stigma of simple flowers from which it is desired to procure double-flowered seedlings. M. Lemoine, of Nancy, it appears from the Revue Horticole, has tried this plan with success, and was desirous of experimenting in this manner with Lilacs, but the only double-flowered lilac then known had no stamens, and consequently no pollen. M. Lemoine then decided to reverse the process, and to fertilize the stigmas of certain double-flowered lilacs with the pollen from some of the best single varieties. The experiment was so far a success, that out of forty seedlings, thirty at least yielded semi-double or double flowers, one of them being very remarkable for its beauty. - Gardener's Chronicle.