This gentleman, for twenty years Editor and Proprietor of the New England Farmer, has parted with his interest in this excellent agricultural weekly. Mr. Eaton is a high-toned, intelligent gentleman, and one who spared no pains or expense to get at the exact truth of what he reported. We are always sorry when we have to close " official " relations with people like this. Editorial life has such all too few, while the outside world is overflowing. We •don't know what possessed the man to do it.

We recently expressed our regret that this excellent gentleman had left the editorial field he had so long occupied in the New England Farmer; and now we have to welcome the prodigal's return. He has taken the Merrimac Journal of Franklin Falls, New Hampshire. If the people there have no fatted calves ready for him, he will soon teach them how to obtain them. There will be few lean kine around on the farms of his readers.