In your September number, on page 270, in the department of Fruit and Vegetable Gardening, in the communication of Mr. H. M. Engle on the subject of New Early Peaches, I observe the name of Early Rose applied to a peach.

I have a seedling by that name that has been in my catalogue for ten years. It originated in this county on the premises of Mr. Preston Rose, and was named after him. It is in several catalogues under the original description: " Early Rose, medium, round, rosy red, firm flesh, rich, juicy and sweet, ripens about June 25th, freestone." This season corresponds to Wilson's Early here. Will not the originator of the new Early Rose select another name for his peach, and thus avoid unnecessary confusion? Our Early Rose belongs to the Spanish strain now rapidly coming into notice in the extreme South, and the variety will be of permanent interest and value.