As the magazine is about to enter on its twenty-third year the publisher would be favored by any assistance its friends may give in making it known to any of the newer votaries of the art of gardening. The publisher is proud to believe that there are very few persons in the United States who have taken an intelligent interest in the higher branches of gardening but are found on the subscription books of the Gardener's Monthly; but there are always new additions to the circle who would welcome the monthly visits of the magazine, did they but know of its existence. The agricultural papers with their horticultural departments do grand service to gardening by encouraging the growth of fruits and flowers in a general way; but there becomes a time when gardening as an art and science, distinct from mere agriculture, becomes a passion and pursuit, and it is to this eclectic circle the Gardener's Monthly ministers. The members of this distinguished circle are too far apart to be discovered by the ordinary methods of advertising.

The Gardener's Monthly has to be made known (outside of its business agents) chiefly by the good will of its friends; and the publisher hopes the forthcoming subscription season will bring from his old well-wishers a good crop of new friends.