The golden cup oak (Q. chrysoleps) is a puzzle to botanists; and well it may be, since it occurs as a lofty forest tree and also as a tiny bush. Dr. Kellogg, of San Francisco, pronounces the dwarf form a distinct speoies; but Dr. Englemann, of St. Louis, though the difference in size is so great, believes that one species includes both extreme forms. A California botanist, Mr. J. G. Lemmon, who has lately made an extended exploration of the High Sierra back of Yosemite, sides with Dr. Englemann, and says that on the various slopes about Yosemite and elsewhere in the Sierra, he has found specimens grading all the way from a tiny prostrate bush, loaded with small, smooth cupped acorns to the tall, majestic tree, bearing yellow golden dust-covered acorn cups two inches across. - Scientific American.