Not only in America have the merits of this beautiful shrub been overlooked; Shirley Hibberd notes the same of Europe, and says: " If we have to say again and again that this or that is not sufficiently appreciated, it is not so much our fault as our misfortune. How true it is of this Viburnum; the noblest of all the hardy flowering shrubs of its class, and a quite surprising subject for a wall, while it is also a grand plant to grow in a pot or tub for the cool conservatory, where Viburnum tinus would be at home with it in the climate of London. The common Guelder Rose, Viburnum opulus, is a fine thing that one meets with in every shrubbery, and also as a wilding in many a woodland glen. The wayfaring tree, V. lantana, is another of the family that we meet with as a wilding in woodland districts, but it is a limestone plant and not often seenjn company with V. opulus. But none of the tribe can equal V. plicatum in beauty, whether of leaf or flower, and the matter for surprise is that we may look for it in a thousand gardens ere obtaining a glimpse of its glorious globular clusters of snow-white flowers".