K. writes: "I send you by express, prepaid, a box of my new seedling Raspberry, of which, perhaps, you will remember Mr. F. Merceron saying something about at Bethlehem last winter. What I claim for it is fair size, nearly as large as Herstine, productiveness, hardiness, excellent quality and firmness; of some of these qualities you will be able to judge for yourself. It has been perfectly hardy the past two winters, while the Herstine alongside of it has frozen to the ground. If it should still continue to prove hardy, I think it will be a great acquisition, if for no other reason, as all the other large and good varieties that I know anything about, winter-kill with us. The Turner is hardy, but not so large nor productive as this.

Strawberry crop very short on account of the drought and frost".

[The relative value of a new seedling Raspberry, in this period of numerous new varieties, cannot be told by a box of fruit in an editor's office; we can only say that the fruit sent were fair, average fruit in every respect. In weight eight of them made half an ounce. - Ed. G. M].