The King of the Belgians has purchased a large horticultural collection at Enghien, and among the trees is a giant palm, a Sabal umbraculifera, which is 42 feet in height, and the crown of which is about 27 feet in diameter, the base of the trunk measuring 6 feet. This great tree has within the last few days been safely transported to the King's new winter garden at Laeken, a work of no small difficulty. The weight which had to be carried was more than 26 1/2 tons, and the truck upon which the huge tree was laid was drawn from Enghien to Brussels by 17 horses, 21 being used from Brussels to Laeken. This has been, in all probability, the largest tree which has ever been conveyed to such a distance and transplanted. The palm had acquired a European reputation, being known as the largest in these latitudes, and the difficulties of its transport were increased by the necessity for avoiding the bridges over the canals, none of which were strong enough to bear so great a weight with safety. The King is forming in this building a remarkable and valuable collection of exotic trees, and the building is expected to be thrown open during the jubilee fetes of the Belgian Independence during this year.