Confusion exists in nurseries regarding the names of many things; and it is well to take every occasion to get right. Recently we had our attention called to three trumpet vines, as Bignonia radicans, B. grandi-flora, and B. grandiflora major; but the one called B. grandiflora major was evidently a form of the American, with larger and darker flowers. Loudon describes B. radicans major as having larger and lighter flowers. We suppose this cannot be that, and propose for it the name of Crimson Virginian Trumpet Vine. There is not sufficient botanical distinction to make it worth while to load it down with the Latin Bignonia, or properly Tecoma radicans sanguinea. There is a good distinction between the Japan (T. grandiflora) and the American not noted in books, in the calyx. That of the Japan is green and thin, that of the American is brown and thick as leather. We fancy there is no such thing as Tecoma grandiflora " major." At least we have never seen but one form of the Japan species.