Virginia according to the official figures just issued, has only increased twenty per cent, in population during the last ten years. It is one of the most magnificent States in the Union; the only want is an industrial population that can make use of the tremendous advantages everywhere about them. One of the most useful men in the State is Major Jed. Hotchkiss. He has devoted his whole life to the development of the industries of Virginia. Those of us who were on the agricultural editorial excursion through the State in 1871, remember well how much we learned from his thorough knowledge of the industries of the State.

Passing through Staunton recently with a small party in pursuit of scientific knowledge, we found him hard at work on a monthly serial, the Virginias, - that is Old and West Virginia - still with the old object, the development of industry. Virginia should honor such men. It may be all very well to boast of being the mother of Presidents, but to be the father of movements that will set a hundred thousand men to work to make a poor State rich, is just as much worthy of being boasted of. Though, as a Union officer at our elbow reminds us, "That Major Hotchkiss gave us a world of trouble during the Rebellion, for he knew every road and bridle path through the State, and made maps of them for the Confederate army, there is no politics in "The Virginias."It is wholly a mining, industrial and scientific journal, and devoted to the development of Virginia and West Virginia, and nothing else; and there is no one at all interested in the pursuit of these objects but would be benefited by reading it.