From a late issue of the Lumberman"s Gazette, I compile a few figures and facts showing the immense slaughter taking place in our timber lands.

The figures cover the operations in only a few localities, and when to them are added a fair estimate of the amount yearly cut in other States, and the very considerable quantity got out in Canada, some idea of the destruction of American forests can be formed.

I understand the statistics cover pine lumber only, though the amount of lumber yearly cut in the so-called hardwoods, such as Oak, Elm, Hickory, Walnut, Chestnut, Bass and White-wood, etc., must be millions upon millions of feet.

As showing for what trifling pay people destroy timber, I would mention having seen about a year since, on the banks of a Canada stream, a quantity of Elm logs estimated at twenty million feet, for which farmers received only two dollars and fifty cents per thousand feet, delivered on the bank of the stream. These figures and facts are not new, but they seem startling and can but make the thoughtful ponder.

The timber cut in Michigan for 1879 is reported as follows:

Saginaw District,

. 736,106,000


Huron Shore, . .

, 410,646,000


Interior Mills, . .



Lake Michigan Mills,



Total amount cut,



Cut of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Valley, 1879,1,583,185,000 feet.

Business of Williamsport, Pa., 1879, 213,120,-000 feet.

Recapitulation of above figures for 1879:

Michigan, ....



West Miss. Valley,



Williamsport, Pa.,





The total cut for sixteen years in one of the four Michigan districts, viz, the Saginaw Dis-trict, is 8,360,000,000 feet, or an average of more than 500,000,000 feet per year.

During the same period 8,700,000,000 feet have been floated down the Muskegon and Tiltaba-wasse rivers of Michigan.

During ten years Williamsport, Pa., has used 2,340,708,595 feet.