The Fairmount Park Commission of Philadelphia have issued a catalogue of the trees and shrubs, not of the whole Park, but of those only which are to be found within a reasonable distance of the famous Horticultural Hall. This will be of immense service as showing the citizens of Philadelphia that they have in this Park an arboretum of an extent they little dreamed of, and one of which they may well be proud. It is doubtful whether a more complete collection of open-air trees and shrubs can be found anywhere else in the United States; and when we know the extreme difficulty which the managers of large public grounds like Fairmount Park have in pleasing so many people, especially political people, an extra meed of praise is due the Fairmount Com-mission for what they have done in the interest of arboriculture and intelligent tree planting. We hope they may be induced to go still further in their good work, and get out some day a cheap, popular guide to the most notable trees, plants and shrubs on the grounds. People generally do not want to know everything as a botanist or enthusiastic cultivator would; but they like to make the acquaintance of those plants which have any especial bearing on their pros" perity or pleasure.

A work of this kind, accompanied by reference maps, so as to show where the plants might be easily found, would be a great boon to the people. The Commission itself could hardly issue such a work. It could not sell to some and give to others; and the demand for them from parties who could not be well refused would call for an edition that would be an enormous tax on the Park's resources. On the other hand, no person would publish a work of this kind cheap enough to be of popular service without some aid from the Commission. But the Commission could appropriate a couple of thousand dollars to some competent individual to prepare and publish such a work, on condition of a certain number of copies being furnished to the heads of Departments, and the exclusive privilege of selling the book to visitors to the Park.