In our last, Mr. Fyfe gave some interesting accounts of the origin of the upright Gloxinia. Some of the plants from which pollen was taken are so widely separated from gloxinia that it could hardly have had anything to do with the result, but it is worthy of note that among Gesneracese, plants supposed to be of distinct genera, have been certainly known to hybridize together. An interesting field is open for further experiment. But about these upright flowers we may say that some years ago the writer of this noticed on a plant of Gesneria elongata, some half dozen of the first flowers to open were upright and tubular, the many hundreds of others succeeding having the usual irregular form. It was the intention to save seed from these naturally produced tubular flowers, under the impression that they would introduce a race like Mr. Fyfe's gloxinia, but an accident to the plant prevented, and the same opportunity never came again.