One would hardly suppose there were so many varieties of vegetables as there are, until they examine some such a catalogue as that of James H. Gregory, now before us. We hear once in a while from the pea raisers with their hosts of kinds, but not much in other lines. Mr. Gregory, among his annual offerings has twenty-three kinds of bush beans, and nineteen of pole beans. Of so simple a thing as a beet, he has thirteen kinds, and then to think of thirty-six kinds of cabbages! That man who recommended pepper, salting, and then throwing the cucumber out of the window, might tell us which of the twenty-eight kinds here noted be referred to. We may select even in our sorrows as in our joys, for surely these seventeen onions would not all produce the same sort of tears. There are crocodile tears, lovers' tears, tears of remorse, and other tears, and no doubt an onion suited to each and all. The common parsley, simple thing as it is, gives us a choice of six kinds. Of squashes, potatoes, tomatoes, and so forth, we can hardly venture on.