F. L. Flushing, Mich., writes: - "1. Is there a known remedy for the destruction of the insect, the larva of which you will find in the enclosed raspberry cane, and what do you call them? 2. How can I destroy the ground mole? It is the only real pest I have in my strawberries. 3. Are the Cinderella and Continental Strawberries very much esteemed in Philadelphia markets as profitable market berries? 4. Is the Reliance Raspberry as good, prolific and profitable as the Queen of the Market, or Cuthbert Raspberry? Is the Gregg the best Blackcap Raspberry? The strawberries and Reliance Raspberries are recommended highly by Messrs. Gibson & Bennet, of Woodbury, N. J.; they claim the origination, and that the highest or first premiums have been awarded for them".

[1. The injury to the raspberry canes is not. known here. Send some specimens to Prof. Cook, Agricultural College, Lansing, Mich. 2. Lumps of tow dipped in gas tar, and placed in the runs will drive the moles away. 3. The strawberries mentioned have not been long enough known to appear in the Philadelphia market in any quantity. Those who have seen the plants in bearing, believe them to be good kinds. The Reliance is a raspberry much in the way of the Philadelphia, and in some respects is-regarded as somewhat of an improvement. The Gregg is believed to be the best blackcap yet raised. 4. Gibson & Bennett stand among the most reliable men in the nursery trade. - Ed. G. M].