Mrs. R. P., Clyde, N. Y.,says: "In your February number, 1880, in your reply to a Delaware Correspondent, who is in trouble with diseased Cyclamen, you name disease, but fail to prescribe remedy. I have reviewed my Gardener's Monthly which I have only taken since May, '79, but find no remedy for this Verbena rust, - only allusions to Peter Henderson's remedy. Please give his or somebody's specific if possible, for 1, too have the same trouble with Cyclamen this winter. Can you give me any hints as to the culture of Cattleya Mossire, Odontoglossum grande, and 0. citrina? Can you tell me of a reliable work on Orchid culture? [The Orchid Grower's Manual. - Ed.] Am trying my hand a little this year for the first. Have a small conservatory and a Wardian case, but have not had marked success as yet. Have buds now on my Dendrobium nobile and Cypripedium vil-lossum. Would like to study their habits, etc., etc. Please reply in the Gardener's Monthly".

[Mr. Henderson's treatment is chiefly rich and generous culture. Keep the plants growing vigorously, and never allow them to be stunted or checked under any circumstances. Mr. Henderson's practice in more detail is described in April number, 1878, page 105, by Mr. J. H. Markey, one of Mr. Henderson's employees. - Ed. G. M].