Mr. W. T. Harding writes: " During my horticultural rambles I have seen some excellent examples of 'Nature's art.' Amongst them M. T. Bass, Esq., the noted brewer of Burton, has probably one of the most extensive and well managed places in England. Situated at Rangemore, in Needwood Forest, and but three miles from where the writer was born, I naturally made my way there. Everything I saw was superb, and indicative of the master mind of Mr. Bennett, the skilful and courteous director of this great and grand establishment. Excellent, indeed, were the many illustrations of every branch of horticulture on every hand. In brief, the number and size of the glass structures were immense, and so was all connected therewith. The same may be said of the vegetable garden, lawns, flower gardens-etc., which were as useful and beautiful as any to be found in ' the tight little island.' Perfect in every department, the whole is a credit to the executive abilities of Mr. Bennett as chief, and Mr. Rudd as foreman, under whom some forty under gardeners and laborers make this gem of the forest in every sense admirable. Other noted places, too numerous to name, would, although very interesting, occupy as much space and time in telling, as travelers' tales usually do.

So I must leave them untold until I see you again.

But I cannot omit mentioning how universal is the sympathy expressed for the sad and dangerous condition our dear President is placed in, through the dastardly deed of a would-be murderer. I do not believe any living man is more respected on this side the Atlantic, or more beloved on the other, than Gen. Garfield, whom God preserve!"