The heaviest bunch of black grapes that has ever been grown, or, we should say, that has ever been recorded, is now on view at Mr. Noble's, Florist and Fruiterer, 22 South Frederick Street, Dublin. The variety is Gros Guillaume, and the grower, Mr. Roberts, gr. to the Countess of Charleville, Charle-ville Forest, Tullamore, King's Co. Its weight is 231b. 5 oz.; length, 24 inches; and width across the shoulders, 22 inches; and in point of color, bloom, size of berries, and general finish, it is described as all that could be desired. It came off the same vine that produced the large bunches which Mr. Roberts exhibited some months ago at the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland's Exhibition held jn Dublin. It will be remembered that three of these bunches weighed collectively 45 lb. 6 oz., and the heaviest of the trio turned the scale at 16 lb. 6 oz. A portrait of this bunch was given in our number for January 27th. Up to this time the largest bunch of black grapes, of which we have any record, was Mr. Hunter of Lambton's famous Black Hamburgh, which weighed 21 lb. 12 oz., and, singularly enough, the bunch also made its first public appearance in Ireland, being shown at the International Fruit Show held at Belfast in August, 1874.

Mr. Hunter then beat the largest bunch of black Grapes on record, which was one of the same variety - Black Hamburgh - weighing 13 lb. 2 oz., and shown by himself the previous year at Manchester. Mr. Roberts' monster bunch now stands third on the list of heaviest bunches (irrespective of color), being 2 lb. 15 oz. less in weight than the bunch of Raisin de Calabre, 26 lb. 4 oz., shown by Mr. Curror at Edinburgh in September, 1875, and 2 lb. 5 oz. less than the White Nice, 25 lb-15 oz.,shown by Mr. Dickson, of Arkleton, at the same time and place. - Gardener's Chronicle.