The names of pines and other coniferous trees have been so mixed up by the fondness of some for attaching Latin names to mere varieties, and by their ignorance of botanical rules, that we scarcely know what we are talking about when coniferae is the subject of debate. Little by little we are getting out of confusion. Authentic specimens of Abies Parsonsiana have been recently sent to Dr. Engelmann from England, and he finds that botani-cally, it is a form of A. concolor. It is, however, distinct enough to be as well worthy of separate propagation as the Tom Thumb arbor vitae is from the George Peabody, and if we should come to the calling of it Parsons' concolor it would avoid all clashing with botanical work. It has already been decided that Lowiana or "Low's concolor" is a later name for "Parsons' concolor," and that A. lasiocarpa is a later name for the original Abies concolor.