Our readers must not forget that the American Pomological Society will hold its meeting this year at Boston, on the 14th and 15th of September. Col. Wilder will preside. It may be the last occasion when the friends of pomology may meet their veteran chieftain, and no doubt there will be a hearty response to the grand welcome which Boston horticulturists offer them.

As we go to press the telegraph informs us that the meeting of the American Pomological Society, in 1883, will be held in Philadelphia.

The biennial meeting of the American Pomological Society at Boston, on the 14th of September approaches, and there is some inquiry for the volume of proceedings for the past session. It is but justice to Mr. Manning to say that he accepted the position of secretary very much against his inclination, and only when the Society urgently pressed it on his acceptance. The history of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, just published, has occupied much more of his time than was anticipated, as all acquainted with literary work know to be generally the case. The volume will, however, be ready before the next meeting of the body, and, late as it may seem to be, will entitle Mr. Manning to the thankful consideration of members, who know of his many public services, and the hard labor they involve.

The Mass. Horticultural Society will hold its annual meeting on the 14th of September, at the same time as the Am. Pomological Society.

Transactions of the session of 1879. This volume is a little late owing to the previous engagements of the secretary, but it is so well edited that the members will no doubt be well satisfied with the delay that has brought them so good a result, and, besides, there is very little in the volume that has suffered by the delay. It is seldom, indeed, that a volume of more permanent value than this has been issued by the society.

The London Gardener's Chronicle, referring to the recent volume of proceedings, says: "We have before us the report of the meeting of the American Pomological Society held at Rochester in 1870. This is a publication which may well put our horticultural and pomological societies to shame. It contains a record of useful work done with which we have nothing to compare."