In this month's magazine, a correspondent inquires whether this plant is yet in the country, and if so it is worth advertising. We quite agree with this, for a more beautiful introduction to culture has never been made. The advantages of this tribe are especially great to those who want plants for cutting, as is well known in the case of the common " Smilax" of the florists, which is indeed but a species of asparagus. The leaves are so hard that they wither very slowly. They are as valuable as ferns for lightening floral work, without their evanescent character.

Asparagus Plumosus.

Asparagus Plumosus

This pretty plant has been recently brought to prominent attention by the enterprising firm of William Bull, of Chelsea, near London, from whom plants can be no doubt had in case it has not yet found its way to America.

The preceding illustration will give some idea of its graceful plumose beauty.

"Old Gardener," South Bend, Ind., asks: "Where can I obtain a plant of Asparagus plumosus? . Do any of our Eastern commercial gardeners grow it? Will some one advertise the same if they possess it?"