During a recent, visit to this famous seaside resort, we were much interested in the progress gardening is making there. When the city was first started, people regretted that trees would not grow, and we had many letters seeking advice. That advice was to plant thickly, and we believed anything would grow. This proves to be the case. The city is now beautifully shaded, and many rare trees are to be seen occasionally, as well as the commoner willows and poplars. Flowers do amazingly well, and it has become for gardening one of the prettiest places we know. Any of our friends coming to Philadelphia should provide for a look at the ocean from Atlantic City. It is but a short ride. The Camden and Atlantic Railroad takes passengers there in about eighty or ninety minutes, and at a trifling rate of fare. There are few more interesting sights in nature than to see this huge city, with its thousands of inhabitants, built on sand that but a few years ago was covered hundreds of feet by the deep sea waters, and heard no voice but that of the wild sea waves.