Autumn Cauliflowers

We notice that this delicious vegetable is much more common in the Philadelphia markets than it has been heretofore. The prices also bring them within the reach of purses of moderate size.

Phylloxera In Europe

The Phylloxera Congress after an eleven days session, concluded that the best remedy for the European vine-grower, was to graft the Vitis vinifera on American stocks - at least that is the best suggestion so far.

Growing American Grapes In England

Mr. W. C. Barry writes to the Gardener's Chronicle, recommending the trial of our best American grapes. But the summers are not warm enough. They would probably not ripen their wood, and be easily killed in winter. This is the experience with many American plants. Even our common silver maple is a comparatively tender plant in England. It wants more summer heat than the climate affords.

Boot Pruning

Mr. T. Francis Rivers makes the good point that if there be at any time any advantage to the plant from scientific pruning of the branches, there ought to be by the same reasoning a science worth following in root pruning. Mr. Rivers' ideas are well appreciated in the transplanting of an oft-removed tree. It is the root-pruning it has received which makes it so safe to transplant, and this is but one instance of the advantage of root-pruning.


There are few more delicious salad plants in early spring than blanched dandelion leaves, and it is remarkable that they are not more used. The roots can be dug in autumn and put in boxes of earth. A very little warmth in a partially shady place brings the crisp leaves forward. A correspondent of the Gardener's Chronicle has recently noted that the roots and growing leaves are much relished by horses in early spring, and that they seem to act medicinally on them to great advantage.

The Gregg Raspberry In Canada

Says the 'Canadian Horticulturist of this black cap: - Under the same treatment it is not only larger than the Mammoth Cluster, but fully as productive, and ripening just after the crop of Mam-/moth Cluster is harvested. Beginning with Davidson's Thornless,which is one of the earliest, the season of black caps is very much prolonged by adding a few rows of the Gregg to come in after the Mammoth Clusters are gone.

Grape From N. H. Lindley & Co

We received a grape from this firm Nov. 20th, in very good condition of preservation, and altogether a very good grape; but no word as to what it was or intended to be.