L. C L, Nashville, Tenn., under cover of an envelope, endorsed "814 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia," and to to which he adds, with ironical care, the word "Pennsylvania," spelled out in full, says: "A letter directed Philadelphia, as you have it on your title page, would not leave this office unless 'Pa.'was added. If you said anything about it, they would ask what Philadelphia - in Tennessee, or some other State?"

[And L. C. L. is quite right. There are Phila-delphias in numerous States, and it ought to be no part of a postmaster's duties to guess a writer's meaning, when he can easily write his wants. One of the "crying" evils of the time, is the carelessness of writing many people get into.

In our personal experience we often come near "crying" over some of the letters we have to read, and it is no uncommon occurrence, that, in despair, we cut out the writer's address and paste it on the letters, trusting to the postmaster in the town to be better able than we are to guess out the writer's name. - Ed. G. M ]