S. W. M , Louella, Pa , writes: "In a greenhouse at Downingtown, I saw a few days ago among some other bulbs, a plant marked Beaucarnea rosea and another Beau-carnea robusta. I have searched all the catalogues and botanies in my possession but cannot find any such plant. Neither Mr. Dreer nor any of the florists I deal with have ever heard of it. Can you enlighten me on the subject. It may be a misspelled word, so far from the original spelling as to completely disguise the sound."

[Beaucarnea is a modern name given to some plants allied to the Agaves, and which have been taken from an old genus called Freycinetia, or (improperly written) Pincenectitia. This is the account given in the "Treasury of Botany." The name does not appear in Lindley's list of genera, nor any work before his time, though we think it must have been in use a much longer time, for the writer has been familiar with Beaucarneas from boyhood. - Ed. G. M.]