In the Gardener's Monthly for March, 1881, A. L. O. E. inquires for information concerning bedding geraniums, and asks for the names of the best six scarlet geraniums, the best pink and the best white.

For bedding and massing purposes there is none that can compare with that grand old standard sort, General Grant. After repeated trials I find none to equal it. It is indeed a superb bedding variety, with very large trusses of bright scarlet flowers, which are produced in the greatest profusion during the entire season. It is of robust and healthy growth, and is extensively grown for bedding purposes, as it stands our hot, dry summer weather without injury. For a good second variety I recommend Queen of the West. It is of robust growth, stands hot, dry weather remarkably well, and the bright orange scarlet colored flowers are produced in immense trusses, in great profusion, during the entire season.

Mrs. Whitley also proves to be an excellent variety for bedding purposes, the flowers being produced in good sized trusses, and in color of a fine orange scarlet, with a clear, white eye. The habit of the plant is excellent, and the flowers are produced in profusion during the summer months. So far I have only seen this variety advertised by the Greenbrook and Paterson nurseries, of whom I obtained it in the spring of 1879.

Jean Sisley is of dwarf habit, producing large clusters of flowers of the richest scarlet color, with a very distinct, large, white eye. This variety is not so robust in growth as those previously mentioned, and sometimes suffers during hot, dry weather, but with a little care and attention will prove to be a most excellent sort. Care should be taken to set out only strong and healthy plants of this variety.

Victor Hugo (single). This is another excellent variety, producing immense trusses of brick red flowers during the entire season. It is of robust growth, and deserves a place in every collection.

Triumph is one of our old varieties, and is one of our best bedding, double-flowering geraniums. The plant is of robust habit, flowers profusely during the season. In color the flowers are of a brilliant scarlet, and they are produced in immense trusses.

Archbishop Wood is one of the best of the double-flowering varieties. It is of dwarf habit, and the brilliant crimson scarlet flowers, are produced in fair sized trusses, in great profusion. For pot culture this variety is without an equal.

Master Christine is the finest pink variety in cultivation. It is of dwarf habit, forms large trusses of flowers of deep pink, with a distinct white eye. It stands hot, dry weather remarkably well, and continues to flower in great profusion during the spring and summer months.

Madame Lemoine is of compact habit, and is a very free bloomer. It is an excellent bedding variety, as it throws up large trusses of bright, double, rosy pink blossoms, well above the foliage.

White Clipper is the best single white. It stands the sun well, and the trusses are of fair size, and are also very freely produced.

Madame Amelie Baltet is the best double white variety, the flowers being well formed and full, and the trusses are of large size. The flowers of both single and double white varieties are apt to turn pinkish when fully exposed to the hot sun.

Ordinary garden treatment will answer very well for the robust-growing varieties, but for those of dwarf growth I advise that the ground be dug to the depth of two feet at least, and a good portion of well-rotted manure incorporated with the soil.