The Rural New Yorker says the Bermuda grass has been found a good lawn grass as far north as Augusta, Georgia, by Mr. Berckmans. We should hardly suppose it would be evergreen much further north than this.

There is a common belief that the Cynodon Dactylon does not produce flower spikes in the South. The writer gathered some a few years ago near New Orleans. Last year he found a large quantity wild near the Smithsonian grounds at Washington, flowering freely, and now has before him good specimens from St. Louis from some plants introduced to cultivation there from Texas.

Of this, Cynodon Dactylon, a correspondent of the Southern Enterprise says:

"If any one has his plantation well set in Bermuda grass, then he is well prepared to make money, and can restore his lands to their original fertility, and can make more money than if planting four times the area in cotton."