Just as we expected the effort made by well meaning persons to replace the hard names of Botany by easy English names, has opened the sluice, and plants which have already any number of names, are getting as many more. Everybody feels authorized to give a name, and everybody does it, each namer seeming anxious that his name should have the final honor of general use. As it is impossible to read everything day by day, we cannot always keep track of the new christening, and already we do not know what plants the writers are telling us about. Here before us is an article on the "Bug-nut." Though in the English language it was all Greek to us till the writer happened to forget himself and use the word Coreopsis. As this plant had already been christened " Tick-seed," there seems no necessity for the new name. Perhaps "Bug-nut" is considered more elegant than "Tick-seed." For our part, hard as it may be, we fancy most people will prefer Coreopsis.