A correspondent of the Gardener's Record says: - "In Covent Garden I hear a very good account of Canadian apples, and was surprised to learn they were beating the American product out of the field. There seems some reason for this, as the Canadian apples are better packed; the American barrels are usually topped up,' in market parlance - a layer or two of good fruit at the top, and then fruit of a poor quality below. On the other hand, the Canadian fruit is generally fairly good throughout, the barrels are well packed, and considerably larger than those of the Americans. A very excellent apple which has been coming in large quantities is what is called the Golden Russet; it has a high and rich flavor. In some sales lately, Canadians, when compared with Americans, were in the proportions of over six to one. This must be very encouraging to the Canadians, and should teach the Americans to pack honestly if they wish to keep their trade."