A. R. says: - " Mr. James Greig, Hockley, Texas, offers me Gel-semium nitidum,which you rank in your "Native Ferns and Flowers" synonym to Sempervirens, and doubt its reaching the Southern States from Mexico by the overland route, as it does not appear to be found in Texas. Mr. Greig calls it "indigenous," and we thought to inform you, as a botanist, of this offer since you might wish to get more information from the gentleman in question that might prove of interest for your future valuable writings, which we follow up with much pleasure."

[A lady correspondent has already noted the occurrence of this plant in Texas. Though in a political sense the statement that the plant does not grow in Texas is incorrect, the main idea as intended by the passage from " Flowers and Ferns of the United States " is correct, for both localities now recorded are at no great distance from the Louisiana line, and there is still a huge district of territory between it and Mexico, so far as yet known. - Ed. G. M.]