It was left for Americans to invent the idea of the rural cemetery, where religious differences should be ignored, and which should be something more aesthetic than a mere yard where a grave could be dug. In the American cemetery a plot can be secured in perpetuity, where husband and wife and children can be permanently placed, and to which the wounded heart may turn with a feeling of attachment beyond what can be expressed in words, and something beyond what is felt with regard to any other plot on the face of the earth. Philadel-phians are, many of them, ignorant of one of the most beautiful of these "God's acres" prepared for their use. We refer to West Laurel Hill, on Belmont avenue, beyond the West Park and Centennial grounds. It is situated on a commanding plateau, which overlooks the placid Schuylkill, and is laid out and adorned with all the knowledge and taste that one of the founders of the older Laurel Hill, on the opposite bank, and long its president, could bring to its establishment. The tastes of our citizens have grown and their ideas have expanded since the original was opened, and in starting a new cemetery it has been possible to make it conform to the enlarged views of the day, so that nothing, it may be said, is wanting to satisfy the public, either in liberality of expenditure or beauty of location in this latest ornamental cemetery. - North American.

What is particularly interesting to the reader of the Monthly will be found in the extent and beauty of the planting. The trees have been made a special study by an expert.