We note by an article in the Leader of Melbourne, Australia, that the reaction against the extravagant endeavors to coin common names for everything that has not had the good fortune to meet with one generally acceptable, is reaching this far away corner of the globe. It appears the name of "Wattle" is being given to all sorts of things, and no one knows what the other one means. They are discussing it, as our agricultural papers discuss "What is Blue Grass?" Unfortunately the Leader in striking around, hits Americans, and tells its readers that if they do not look out with their common names, they will be as bad as we are; for he says he found in looking over the Report of the United States Department of Agriculture for 1875, all of the following names intended to apply to the Douglass Spruce: As Douglass Fir, Red Fir, Black Fir, Douglass Spruce, Red Spruce, Black Spruce, Hemlock, Oregon Pine, Western Pitch, Bear River Pine, Swamp Pine, and perhaps others." Moreover, it does not think the English name forced on the plant any easier for the beginner than the botanical one, and asks what do we gain by saying "Japanese False Goatsbeard, as recently proposed over Astilbe Japonica?"