In conclusion, gentlemen, let me express again the great gratification that your presence affords me, here in old Boston, here at my old home, where, ere long, I shall cast off the threadbare covering of humanity, where this worn-out frame and this tired brain shall rest under the shadow of mine own trees in yonder cemetery. But while my life is spared, my earnest prayer will be for the perpetuation of our Society and the diffusion of its blessings to mankind. One after another of our friends will fall by the wayside, and ere long all of its founders will have joined those who have gone to that better land where fruits are immortal and whose harvests are eternal. But the progress of American Pomology, rural economy, domestic comfort and cultivated taste, which has been developed by our association, will continue its glorious march until all shall realize that fruits are one of the most beautiful emblems of Divine beneficence - one of the most perfect and useful gifts of God to man.