Tuberose - "The Diamond." - No evil is without its compensation. In America cultivators of Tuberoses are often annoyed by the double kind reverting to its original single form. But when it does this we may get seed, and from seed, new varieties. The Tuberose as it was, is all well enough for garden culture, but for grow-ing under glass it is too tall. The " Pearl " was an advance in a better direction; and now we have still greater progress in the "Diamond," which is said to grow only from five to eight inches high, and yet produce as many flowers as the ordinary kind.

December 1881 Flower Garden And Pleasure Ground Ed 42

Nanz & Neuner are the fortunate introducers of this variety. They had a good find in the Double White Bouvardia, but we fancy a dwarf tuberose like this will be a far richer treasure.