Descriptions And Figures Of The Eucalypti Of Australia

Dr. Muller continues his great labors. This part before us is the sixth, which makes sixty species of these remarkable trees which have now been described and illustrated.

Sumac Culture In Sicily

By R. C. McMur-trie. Published by the United States Department of Agriculture. The growing interest in sumac culture renders this a very timely work. There are figures of our native species, and useful hints to sumac collectors.

Premiums For Subscribers

A leading three dollar magazine has issued a confidential circular to its subscribers, that if they do not desire the premium, the subscription price will be but two dollars.

Florists In Philadelphia

According to the recent census, the amount of capital invested in the florist business is a little over $800,000. We fancy this is under rather than over the estimate, as we know of one, who alone, has $100,000 in it.

Burned Greenhouses

The magnificent series of greenhouses of Jay Gould, Esq., on the Hudson River, were destroyed by fire during the cold spell of weather on the night of the 10th of December. We have not heard the particulars.

Practical Azalea Culture

Some time since we noted the issue of an excellent little book by Mr. Halliday, on camellia culture. From the same practical pen we now have a similar work on the azalea.

Golden Rules For The Treatment Of Horses

Published by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 1216 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Price 15 cents. We can cordially recommend this little book.

History Of The Massachusetts Horticultural Society, From 1829 To 1878

The Massachusetts Horticultural Society has good cause to be proud of its history. It was a good thought in Mr. Hovey to suggest the writing of it. The history makes a beautiful work. It is not only the members of the Horticultural Society who may be proud of it. It is of interest to the whole horticultural community, for the history of this Society is in a great measure part of the history of American gardening.

The California Horticulturist

The editor, Mr. Charles Shinn, has accepted a position on one of the San Francisco daily newspapers, and the magazine has been bought by the Pacific Rural Press, already well known to many of our readers as one of the most enterprising rural papers on the Pacific coast.

The American Entomologist

This has been purchased by the American Naturalist, and Prof. Riley, we are glad to say, goes with it. These recent changes add very much to the strength of the American Naturalist, which was almost indispensable to every student of nature.